Be a judge for innovative Army, small business topics

Published: 07/09/2021

Do you enjoy learning about new technologies that may solve Army challenges? Do you have an eye for innovative solutions that could translate into commercial products?  

The Army Applied Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) Program invites you to  be a judge  for upcoming pitch events or proposal reviews, which span technology areas such as power generation and management, sensing, materials science, autonomous platforms, and AI/ML.   

The Army Applied SBIR Program releases contract opportunities on an ad-hoc, rolling basis for U.S.-based small businesses to tackle challenges in some of the DoD and Army’s most critical priorities. 

As a judge, you will have the opportunity to learn from small businesses first-hand to understand how innovation from industry may be a solution for the Army’s needs. You will use Valid Eval—which streamlines and scales the evaluation process and provides evidence-based, structured feedback to the companies—during the pitch presentations and immediately following.   

If you are interested in being a judge for our future pitch events and proposals, please email the Army Applied SBIR mailbox. 

Additionally, if you know of colleagues who would be a good fit for our judging panel, please ask them to reach out to the Army Applied SBIR Office.  

Be a judge for innovative Army, small business topics

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