Assistant Secretary of the Army for Acquisition, Logistics, and Technology ASA(ALT) releases contract opportunities on an ad-hoc basis to meet Army research and development needs.

User and Entity Behavior Analysis


This User and Entity Behavioral Analysis will streamline authentication to the network and services while transparently securing mission-critical services, such as warfighting applications, through granular, role-based access controls. This UEBA solution may enable the implementation of the Army’s Zero Trust Architecture while improving the tactical network’s cybersecurity posture.

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Quantum-Enhanced RF Components


Through quantum phenomenology, businesses can create sensitive Radio Frequency components to enhance the performance of current communication systems. The enhancement of detection of current RF systems will produce lower noise levels for each of the components. Lowering the noise levels for the components will enable the detection of weaker signals, which could mean radar detection of previously unseen targets.

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Off-the-Visor Heads-Up Display

Augmented Reality goggles

The topic involves the development of available, daylight-readable off-the-visor display solutions for use in mixed reality head-mounted display systems. Through this solicitation, the Army aims to move on to an Army Applied Small Business Innovation Research Phase II contract, where businesses can design, produce, deliver and characterize the most optimal off-the-visor solutions for use in future Soldier Vision products.

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Non-Radio Frequency Transceiver Alternative Communicator

Solders in a vehicle

The U.S. Army seeks to develop a small, energy-efficient and self-contained transceiver that can wirelessly communicate between two points up to 300 meters away without using the traditional radio-frequency transport medium. Through an NRF-TAC solution, the Army wants a non-standard means of signal communication, such as magnetic, acoustic or infrared, that is difficult to detect and report in an environment of highly covert activity. The utilization of the Non-Radio Frequency Transceiver Alternative Communicator (NRF-TAC) will enable new mission deployment possibilities for the operation and control of remote sensors.

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Forward-Looking Infrared (FLIR) and Dual-Band Focal Plane Array in High-Definition Forma

Solder wearing binoculars

The Army seeks to develop dual-band Mid-wave Infrared/Long-Wave Infrared (MWIR/LWIR) Infrared Focal Plane Array (IR FPA) technology that can meet Third Generation Forward Looking Infrared performance objectives, such as clusters, dark current, noise, quantum efficiency, operability, spectral crosstalk, modulation transfer function and non-uniformity correction stability.

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